<aside> 🔮 RADAR is a global community of people thinking about and building better futures

Founded in 2021, together, we’ve dreamt up and collaboratively published three crowdfunded reports into the future of culture, run public hackathon and education events for hundreds of people online, built an ideas platform which was recently awarded a grant of over $150k, and shared in the rewards — all in service of accelerating better futures, together. And we’re just getting started.

*For too long, the future has seemed to belong to the few and the powerful. But we choose to believe there’s a different truth — simple and radical — hidden in plain sight: The future belongs to those who think about it. And in our view, that should include more, and we mean way more of the population than it does today.

Thinking about and building better futures sound like your kinda thing? Consider joining our community of curious humans from around the world.*

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